Cool Stuff and Nice People

1973 Husqvarna 125CR - First Husqvarna. Picture is from DeSoto Cycle Ranch in Horn Lake, Mississippi. Hercules unlined leathers. Hi-Point Boots. Burning Klotz two stroke oil. Finally bought a pair of used Torsten Hallman Leathers. Doug Walls, Rusty McFarland, Tony Wynn, Mark Rakestraw, Trey Riggs, Wyatt Jackson, Bob Colley, Gary “The Professor” Bailey, Mike Stovall, Nap Overton, Tiff Miller and a host of others raced here. This was a great track and we cut our teeth here in the 100cc class, like everyone else our age in 1972. Instead of watering the track, the owner made a deal with a local truck stop and filled the water truck with used motor oil. He sprayed the used motor oil on the track from the “oil truck” to keep the dust down. It worked, but it smelled pretty strongly. You did not want to be behind the “oil truck” when it was pumping out the used diesel truck motor oil, or on the track until the oil had soaked in. Those were the days.

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