Marty Tripes

Marty won the Superbowl of MX in the L.A. Coliseum when he was 16. I used to wait for the monthly publication of Dirt Bike and Cycle Guide magazines to catch up on the happenings in Southern California. We did our part while racing in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee to try and duplicate what we saw in the magazines. Many bench racing sessions were had about Marty and several of the other people on this website between me and my friends. Marty spent about 45 minutes talking with me when I took this picture at Diamond Don's 2014 AHRMA Riverport National. He told me about racing a twin pipe CZ when he was underage in Europe, and going to the CZ training camp for Motocross. I really wish that I had recorded that conversation. Marty was the first childhood hero that I met when I started racing Vintage MX. He laughed and really seemed to enjoy it when I told him that as kids, we all wanted to be Marty Tripes.

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